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Oddi ar Celwyddoniadur
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Noswaith dda.

I hope you respond to things written in English, because I can't say this in Welsh.

I notice that you have not made any edits here since 2008. You also seem to be the only administrator. I don't think any wiki can do too well if it hasn't got administrators around, so it would be really great if you came back and took charge of things a bit.

Celwyddoniadur is living on borrowed time. There's not been a serious edit (leaving aside what I've done) since 29 December when Caradog reverted an IP who had added nonsense to Plaid Cymru. The userbase seems to have given up. Something needs to be done if we don't want this wiki to go down the tubes - probably something involving admins who are active.

If and when you do come back, this, this and this should be deleted. Llwy ar lawr 20:10, 28 Ebrill 2013 (UTC)