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Rwyf yn defnyddio Outlook, MS Office, Firefox, Google/Gwgl, Facebook/Gweplyfr ac ati ar y PC a'r iPhone yn eu firaeynsu Cymraeg ac yn annog pawb i'w profi o leiaf Cyn diwedd y dydd byddaf yn postio llun arall gyda thestun Cymraeg ar fy safle Flickr (FfotoMarc) a/neu drydar eto ar Twitter (@drudwy) yn Gymraeg.

Citronella, the more dd's in a word, the softer the emspihas. So Rhondda, for example, is pronounced Rhontha. Y' is a variance identifier similar to The'.Kimberlee, nope, I didn't. It really is cancelled! But I did make it up that it was going to be Sophie's surprise day out.


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Treadmills - how to use[golygu]

A treadmill is beettr than nothing, but ideally run outdoors. Since you are out of shape, make sure that you stretch appropriately ahead of time, and have running shoes (no cross trainers, or tennis shoes). If you can, go to a track so it's easier for you to keep track of distance. Also, if you do encounter pains that cause you to stop, you will only be 100 yards or so from where you started. Work in intervals of jog / walk / jog (i.e. jog 200 yards, walk 200 yards) do this for a couple miles. Do this every other day. expect to feel some shin splints. In a couple weeks you will find yourself going the full couple of miles without having to walk. At that point, keep track of your 400 yard times. Once you have your endurance, start working on your speed by doing sprint intervals. sprint 100 yards, jog 200 yards. Keep track of your time. Another aspect of getting faster in softball is knowing how to run the bases quickly : cutting the proper corner, knowing where you can get to and not hesitating .As for your cramps, if you find that happening try inhaling deeply and holding your breath for a couple seconds. This will stretch out the cramp. Repeat it a couple times and you should find the pain disappearing. If not, slow down, stop if you must. If it continues, see a doctor .By the way, don't skip the endurance exercise. It may sound like a wasted step but it will lead to beettr speed and health. Also, if you can't or don't want to do these exercises outdoors, you can do it on a treadmill but it's less effective.

Ok, so what does Gwahaniaeth' mean? Greetings?We are not all Conservative/Welsh linguists!Or could this be Cameronspeak' for don't ask awarwkd questions' such as what do the letters E' and U' mean aka, how I am able to govern' help!

For the one page primer, I was tkihning that a "top 10 things about the campaign world" would be effective. I've seen this when leafing through a Dark Sun book recently and thought that would be a good starting page to hand out.

Mr TazabiHave you heard of the saying qes Be'qes enlqaul Be'egru yi'hedal (slowly an egg would start to walk on its feet!). The news hasn't even been around a mere 24hrs, and clearly state that no damage or casualty was disclosed. Yet, you seem to have additional facts as:1- three camps were destroyed2- the targets were terrorist training camp3- this is tit-fot-tat since (you give the impression that) Eritrea has killed and kidnapped tourists and now Ethiopia is targeting one of Eritrea's terrorist training assets'The strange thing is that given you appear to know all there is needed to know about the case and more, yet you want to source you god knows what! As a matter of guarded estimation, it is likely that this incident is nothing more than a rattle and shaking of some old furniture to inject some life into the deadlocked situation of Ethio-Eritrea daredevil cat and mice games. Ethiopia is in a terrible shape to go to war, so is Eritrea. Propaganda and razzmatazz is the order of the day.


Great cmmoon sense here.


Your wrtigns are so wnoderfluly entlihgtneing. Can't wait to reda mroe.

Gweler hefyd[golygu]