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Rhybudd: Ysgrifennwyd y polisi yma yn Saesneg. Fe'i ysgrifennwyd yn Gymraeg yn wreiddiol ond ni all yr awdur ei ysgrifennu yn hollol yn Gymraeg, felly nid oes ond y fersiwn Saesneg ar hyn o bryd. Mae'n ddrwg gyda ni. Byddwn ni'n ceisio ei gyfieithu.

Here is a list of things that are unsuitable for Uncyclopedia.[1] These things, if you repeatedly use them and do not stop when warned, will, in all likelihood, get you blocked. So please be careful.

Any articles written, or images uploaded, before this policy was written will be left relatively unaffected by it. It applies mainly to new content.

Unsuitable for the whole family[golygu]

Humour on Uncyclopedia is supposed to be appropriate for the whole family, including the children. For this reason we do not allow content that is not suitable for children.


Don't swear in articles. If you have to swear, don't do it in English, and try to save it for the talk page or your userspace. Use of words such as bloody or fucking is not allowed. These words are not suitable for children, and furthermore they do not belong in Welsh in the first place. Children may think these words are suitable for them, but they are quite wrong, and in any case they should learn good Welsh and not lace it with English swear words that aren't any good for children anyway.

Explicit content[golygu]

Don't add explicit content. By 'explicit' we mean shock, sexual, etc. content. You may find these things funny, but not everyone does, and children should not be seeing it. This means that we won't like it if, for example, you decide to write an article about what happened when you took too much Viagra.

Correct information[golygu]

Uncyclopedia is not Wikipedia. Wikipedia is obsessed with facts and ensuring the verifiability of every article. On Uncyclopedia, we don't care about facts, only if the article is funny. If an article is factual but not funny, it will be rewritten, or if that is not possible, deleted. Please do not add a lot of correct information without making it funny. That goes here. The Wikipedians will be very happy to have you contributing, if you are that kind of person – but we should think you would rather contribute to Uncyclopedia because it's less stress and more fun.

Other languages[golygu]

This Uncyclopedia[2] is written in Welsh.[3] We would prefer it if you could write articles for it only in Welsh and not use, say, English. You may be able to contribute perfectly good content in English, but that isn't what we're looking for. Articles in English go here (obviously).


It's all right to poke fun at things here, including nationalities or ethnic groups, but it is not allowed to poke at such groups in a way obviously intended as serious or demeaning. It must be obvious that you don't mean what you are saying. It should not be possible to tell, for example, that you think Welsh is a truly useless language and that it is just a waste of time and money to put it on road signs. The current article is fine because what it says is too implausible to be serious (for example, trying to convince the Welsh that the newly invented language was the language of heaven and therefore everyone should learn it and forget English). Again, the point is to be funny, and once that is accomplished you don't really have to worry much about the content as long as it is child-appropriate.


  1. Uncyclopedia = English word for Celwyddoniadur. They are however not 100% the same thing.
  2. I.e. Celwyddoniadur.
  3. Except for this policy, because whoever wrote it was lazy.