MediaWiki API help

This is an auto-generated MediaWiki API documentation page.

Documentation and examples:

list=allusers (au)

(main | query | allusers)

Enumerate all registered users.


The user name to start enumerating from.


The user name to stop enumerating at.


Search for all users that begin with this value.


Direction to sort in.

One of the following values: ascending, descending
Default: ascending

Only include users in the given groups.

Values (separate with | or alternative): bot, bureaucrat, checkuser, interface-admin, rollback, staff, suppress, sysop

Exclude users in the given groups.

Values (separate with | or alternative): bot, bureaucrat, checkuser, interface-admin, rollback, staff, suppress, sysop

Only include users with the given rights. Does not include rights granted by implicit or auto-promoted groups like *, user, or autoconfirmed.

Values (separate with | or alternative): abusefilter-hidden-log, abusefilter-hide-log, abusefilter-log, abusefilter-log-detail, abusefilter-log-private, abusefilter-modify, abusefilter-modify-global, abusefilter-modify-restricted, abusefilter-privatedetails, abusefilter-privatedetails-log, abusefilter-revert, abusefilter-view, abusefilter-view-private, apihighlimits, applychangetags, autoconfirmed, autocreateaccount, autopatrol, bigdelete, block, blockemail, bot, browsearchive, changetags, checkuser, checkuser-log, createaccount, createpage, createtalk, delete, deletechangetags, deletedhistory, deletedtext, deletelogentry, deleterevision, dpl_param_delete_rules, dpl_param_update_rules, edit, editcontentmodel, editinterface, editmyoptions, editmyprivateinfo, editmyusercss, editmyuserjs, editmyuserjson, editmyuserjsredirect, editmywatchlist, editprotected, editsemiprotected, editsitecss, editsitejs, editsitejson, editusercss, edituserjs, edituserjson, gadgets-definition-edit, gadgets-edit, hideuser, import, importupload, interwiki, ipblock-exempt, managechangetags, markbotedits, masseditregex, massmessage, mergehistory, minoredit, move, move-categorypages, move-rootuserpages, move-subpages, movefile, nominornewtalk, noratelimit, nuke, oathauth-api-all, oathauth-disable-for-user, oathauth-enable, oathauth-verify-user, oathauth-view-log, override-export-depth, pagelang, patrol, patrolmarks, poll-admin, poll-create, poll-score, poll-vote, protect, purge, read, refreshspecial, renameuser, replacetext, reupload, reupload-own, reupload-shared, rollback, sendemail, siteadmin, skipcaptcha, spamblacklistlog, suppressionlog, suppressredirect, suppressrevision, tboverride, tboverride-account, titleblacklistlog, transcode-reset, transcode-status, unblockself, undelete, unwatchedpages, upload, upload_by_url, usermerge, userrights, userrights-interwiki, viewmyprivateinfo, viewmywatchlist, viewsuppressed, welcomeexempt, writeapi
Maximum number of values is 50 (500 for clients allowed higher limits).

Which pieces of information to include:

Adds the information about a current block on the user.
Lists groups that the user is in. This uses more server resources and may return fewer results than the limit.
Lists all the groups the user is automatically in.
Lists rights that the user has.
Adds the edit count of the user.
Adds the timestamp of when the user registered if available (may be blank).
Adds the central IDs and attachment status for the user.
Values (separate with | or alternative): blockinfo, centralids, editcount, groups, implicitgroups, registration, rights

How many total user names to return.

Type: integer or max
The value must be between 1 and 500.
Default: 10

Only list users who have made edits.

Type: boolean (details)

Only list users active in the last 30 days.

Type: boolean (details)

With auprop=centralids, also indicate whether the user is attached with the wiki identified by this ID.