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Shwmae Awyriach! Croeso i'r Celwyddoniadur, yr Uncyclopedia Cymraeg. Diolch am greu cyfrif yma. Does dim rhaid i ti ysgrifennu erthyglau os nad oes eisiau arnat ti, ond mae'r lle yn eitha gwag ar hyn o bryd felly rydyn ni'n hoffi pan mae rhywun yn ysgrifennu pethau.

Hi Awyriach! Welcome to Celwyddoniadur, the Welsh Uncyclopedia. Thank you for creating an account here. You don't have to write articles if you don't want to, but the place is quite empty currently so we like it when someone writes things.

Llwy ar lawr 01:18, 2 Mai 2013 (UTC)

Your article[golygu]

It's really funny and appears to be well-written. Thank you. However...

Stop hand nuvola.svg

I need puppy pads on me and the rabbit. There are no puppy pads puppy pads in the box now, and you know ...

I want to buy your puppy pads for me, if it is possible, if you can see're good.

Confused?! Read an explanation to this garbled English message here

Stop hand nuvola.svg

Mae angen padiau ci bach arna fi ac ar y gwningen. Does dim unrhyw badiau ci bach yn y blwch padiau ci bach, a ti'n gwybod...

Dw i eisiau dy brynu padiau ci bach i fi, os ydy hi'n bosibl, os gweli di'n dda.

Sorry, I just wanted an excuse to use that template. Anyway I've cleaned things up a bit, but here is what I took issue with:

  • It just makes more work for us if you use an automatic translator. The article ends up having major grammar issues and somebody has to come in and fix it. And I am not really the one you want trying to clean up an entire article in Welsh.
  • You don't have to say at the bottom who wrote the article (or give a title at the top). These things show up automatically.
  • Please do not indent lines with a space; they turn into code. I've fixed the line breaks and that but if you could try to format it correctly next time that would be great.
  • You seem to have written a news report thing. Since there is no place for news on Celwyddoniadur, I will go in and make sure the article is clearly about a single subject. I hope this is okay with you.

Thanks for reading -- Llwy ar lawr 19:24, 4 Mai 2013 (UTC)