Oddi ar Celwyddoniadur
Neidio i: llywio, chwilio

Hello, I am a former user of wicipedia Cymraeg. I got kicked off the project for persistent vandalism etc. I have to confess that they were right and I was wrong - they are meant to be making a serious encyclopedia over there, and me writing crap was just getting in their way. So I thought I'd come here to find a more appropriate outlet for writing nonsense. I have a nasty feeling though that it's going to be difficult to write something actually funny (as opposed to self-induglent bollocks that just wastes everybody else's time), and doubly so in what for me is a second language. We'll see. I think the key though will be to only contribute if and when I have any decent ideas, and not just write drivel for the sake of it.

Must say though, the server seems to be desperately slow. It really ought to be put onto faster hardware. The time it takes for any page to load might prove a disincentive to me using it.

Mae'r defnyddiwr 'ma yn medru'r Gymraeg ar lefel syml.